Whether you’re brand new to Spartan racing or a challenge fanatic with an insatiable thirst for victory, the Gold Coast Trifecta Weekend has an obstacle race course for YOU.

Set in Numinbah Valley, the Gold Coast Trifecta Weekend promises to deliver up all of Spartan’s best signature races in the one location over three days.

All you have to do is decide which of the seven race types below suits you best, get signed up and then follow the steps to create your Team Beat Blood Cancer fundraising page.

If you're new to Spartan here's a hot tip... Spartan Sprint is 5 km, 20 obstacles and suitable for all fitness levels. It's is the Spartan signature race, a 5 km adventure through rugged terrain built for new and returning racers alike. It’s the perfect starting point into the world of Spartan and the perfect reason to kickstart your training. 

Still need convincing? Meet other first time Spartans and mingle with seasoned Spartan campaigners who can show you the ropes at the FREE BOOT CAMPS on offer!




Crazy, challenging, epic experiences like Spartan Race are so much more awesome when shared.

What better way to test yourself and your limits than as a part of a committed, courageous team of people united in their determination to ensure people living with blood cancer receive the support they deserve from diagnosis through to treatment and beyond.

Your decision to fundraise as part of Team Beat Blood Cancer has the power to transform fear into hope for the 110,000 Australians facing blood cancer today by enabling Leukaemia Foundation to improve access to life-saving treatments regardless of where they live.

As a member of our team, you’ll find yourself embraced and supported in the lead up to and throughout your Spartan Race. We’ll be with you at every step – cheering you on, sharing fundraising tips in and sending you some well-deserved merchandise to celebrate your fundraising success.

Ask for donations to support Queensland families undergoing treatment

Once you’ve signed up for Spartan Race and created your Team Beat Blood Cancer fundraising page, you can start by sending the link to your friends, family and work mates. 

A personal touch is key to inspiring support, so make sure you tell them why you’ve decided to fundraise and let them know what their donation will mean to those affected by blood cancer. 

In early 2018, Paul ‘Burt’ Burfield received the devastating news that he had high grade acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) – a rare but aggressive blood cancer that meant he needed a life-saving stem cell transplant. 

Our Blood Cancer Support Coordinator was able to connect Burt with another patient, Brendan Hodda, who had undergone the same treatment. For Burt, the opportunity to talk things through with Brendan, who truly understood what he was going through, was life-changing. In fact, it was life-changing for their families as well – find out how their friendship blossomed here   

Thanks to you, Leukaemia Foundation is able to ensure all patients and their families receive tailored emotional support and – if they’re lucky – build lifelong friendships in the process! 

Read Burt's Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Which race is best for a first-timer?

The 5km Sprint is the perfect entry into the world of Spartan. Prepare to conquer 20 iconic obstacles such as the Spear Throw, Container Complex, and Rings while joining an epic community of like-minded Spartans.

Is it an actual race?

Up to you. Run at whatever pace you like and push yourself. Your race is timed, but the open wave is all about conquering the obstacles with your mates and getting across the finish line.

Am I fit enough?

Absolutely. We have people in their 70's running the Sprint. If you exercise at least 3 times a week, you're more than ready. There are training videos and a training guide on the Spartan website to help you get prepared.

Share the challenges and the triumphs