Bree Davis

Together, we can beat blood cancer!

Spartan is TOUGH, but nothing is tougher than facing the difficult realities of blood cancer.

I may not be a Spartan Racer, but I’m married to one & have 2 mini Spartans about to tackle their first race head on.. 

Please help us & the Spartan Race community, support the Leukaemia Foundation and the life-changing emotional and practical support they provide to Aussie families as they face the daily obstacles a blood cancer diagnosis presents.

As a member of Team Beat Blood Cancer, I’m fiercely committed to raising vital funds for the 41 people each day who receive the devastating news that they have leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or another blood disorder.

Will you help by sponsoring Team Davis & the Sassy Spartans..? They’ll commit to finishing the world's #1 obstacle race course, if you commit to helping them save lives! Just one donation from each of you is all I ask.

Thank you!

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