asked questions

Is my fundraising page set up automatically once I register for Spartan? 

No. You must register for your chosen Spartan race and pay an entry fee. You can then register to fundraise and set up your fundraising page.

If I register to fundraise, do I have to register for a Spartan race as well? 

Yes. You must register for Spartan and pay the entry fee, as well as register to fundraise and set up your fundraising page.

Can I register to fundraise as a team? 

Yes – however you will still need to create an individual profile. The first person who creates the team is the Team Captain (C).

How much does it cost to register for a Spartan race? 

Spartan have several pricing models, depending on whether you want to participate in one race, four races, or purchase a season pass.  

Prices for one race start at $99. Info about season passes can be found here.

How do I sponsor someone?

Click here to search for the participant you want to sponsor. You can sponsor a Spartan Team or a Solo Spartan.
We'll email you a tax deductible receipt and a thank you.

Can I donate to the whole team and not one person on the team? 

Yes, you can sponsor a team. Click on the Sponsor a Sparton button and look for Spartan Teams tab. Once you have clicked on the Teams Tab, you can search by using the team name or the name of the captain. When their team name appears in the list, click on it to arrive at the team’s profile page. Then it’s easy to click “Sponsor the Team” and complete the payment with your credit card details.

A tax deductible receipt and a thank you are sent by email directly to you. And your sponsorship goes towards the team total without sponsoring any specific member of the team.

Are donations tax deductible?

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. You will receive a tax receipt by email.

Can I get a new tax receipt?

If you lose your tax receipt, we can issue a duplicate. Contact us with the details of your donation and we’ll email you a replacement. Note, the duplicate is clearly marked with the same receipt number as your original so you can’t claim twice.

Can I donate from overseas?

Of course!

Our system accepts donations in Australian dollars via VISA and MasterCard from overseas.

Your online donors will still receive a receipt via email but they'll need to check with their financial advisor about whether the donation is tax-deductible outside Australia.

Why can’t I open the tax receipt you sent me? 

We send you an email when you make a donation and attach your tax receipt as a PDF document. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader. If you still need help, contact us and we’ll assist you.

How do I get sponsors?

When you sign up, we'll give you your very own Spartan fundraising page where you can upload photos, post videos to your timeline, choose a goal and tell your story.

From within your dashboard, you can send emails asking for sponsorship.
Log in and click Get Support. The email will contain a link to your Spartan fundraising page, where people can sponsor you with their credit card – easy!

Start asking for sponsorship as early as possible.

Remember that by asking someone to sponsor you, you are giving them an opportunity to support an extremely worthwhile cause. So cast your net wide; family and friends, colleagues, business contacts, mates at the pub/club, staff from other businesses in your building, suppliers, clients.

Can I knock on doors in my street to ask for donations?

We don't recommend that you doorknock your neighbourhood to collect sponsorship or promote Spartan Race or Leukaemia Foundation.

In many council areas around Australia, doorknocking requires a special permit.

It's not always a safe or profitable thing to do.

Can I run a prize draw to raise funds?

You can run a small raffle or trade promotion in aid of a charity but the rules can be complicated and vary from state to state.

It depends on how valuable the prizes are and whether you are selling tickets or giving a free ticket in return for a donation. You’ll need to check with your local state government’s lotteries and gaming department. Click here to find the rules in your state. 

Do I ask for money before or after I tackle Spartan?


Most of your fundraising will take place before you tackle the Spartan course. Spread the word and fundraise online, or get creative and raise money at work, school and in your community.

Fundraising after you've finished your Spartan race is really effective too, as everyone can already see the incredible sacrifice you've made and how committed you are to the cause.

Can I show on my profile page what people have pledged before I bank the money?

Our system only displays your fundraising once you've paid it in using a verified method such as credit card online. Payment by credit card displays immediately.

Can I split the money I raise between you and another charity or good cause?

While there are countless worthy causes, if you sign up and raise funds through the Leukaemia Foundation Spartan fundraising platform, you are legally required to direct all the money to the Leukaemia Foundation.

By law, all donors need to be clear about which cause they are supporting and must be issued with a receipt from that charity (if it's $2 or more). You are not allowed to decide to give your donor's money to another charity however worthy or urgent that cause might be.

Your fundraising enables the Leukaemia Foundation to continue investing in vital blood cancer research and free services to support thousands of Australian families every year.